Renting a bicycle in Pollensa is a clever idea.
Taking part in cycle-tourism in the north of Mallorca is one of the most rewarding experiences to get to know the island from a point with a privileged view. That is why, at RentMarch we want to give you some tips for when it comes to choosing what bicycle is best suited to your needs. Don’t forget that we have a catalogue where you can select each one of these bicycles and their corresponding models.


Road bikes

Road bikes are what we usually associate with professional cycling. These bicycles stand out for their impressive lightweight and slender frames, which benefits the cyclist as they can adopt a very aerodynamic posture in order to reach high speeds. These types of bycicles are divided in to the following subcategories: Ciclocross, Gravel, Triatlón, Fixie or Single speed. Take a look at our catalogue and if you have any queries, contact us and we can explain everything with more detail.


Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are designed to withstand mountain sides and they are very robust. Renting a mountain bike in Mallorca is a great option for those who are passionate about this field, given that the accessibility to the Serra de Tramuntana makes practicing this style of cycling even more impressive.


Trekking bikes

This type of bicycle is characterised for being the complete opposite of road bikes. They are robust and completely minimalist. They can be filled up with tons of accessories such as lights, carriers, fenders, trestles or chain guards. They’re great for getting around the city or going along intercity roads.

A subcategory of Trekking bikes are urban bicycles. As its proper name indicates, this method of transport is ideal for getting around the city and is built in such a way that getting on and off them is very easy.


Other models

We can’t forget about the little ones. If you want to rent a bicycle in Pollensa and you’re with your family, don’t worry: we also have bicycles for kids. It is very important to encourage young people to exercise at a young age and to encourage an interest in cycling and develop good habits.

We also have electric bikes amongst our catalogue, or as they’re better known eBikes. A combination of technology and comfort.


Rent your bicycle in Pollensa with Rent March

Now that you know everything to do with the different types of bike that we have in our catalogue, you’re ready to decide and learn what kind of adventure you’ll have in the north of Mallorca. Rent your bike now…and start moving!

Rent March, 25/06/2018
Rent March, your bicycle rental store in Pollensa, will give you the best tips for when it comes to choosing a bicycle that best suits your needs.