Spend gorgeous holidays with the best cycling hotels in Mallorca

For many, cycling can be a way of life or to others a much loved recreational activity.  At RentMarch we ensure that you have the best cycling holiday, we would like to recommend the north of Mallorca and its bike friendly hotels.
Rent March, 28/12/2017

The best cycling routes in Mallorca

As you may know, at Rent March we love showing you different cycling routes in Mallorca every once in a while, so you can mix things up and be able to get to know different spots on the island. Specifically, in this post we have three different routes with different lengths and intensities, and with these you’d be able to get to visit the different corners of Mallorca that will make you fall in love with the island for sure.
Rent March, 16/12/2017

Ironman Alcudia: what’s about

There’s been plenty of talking about the Ironman, but only a few people know how hard this test is.
The competition was born in Hawaii in 1978 when John Collins decided to mix three different sport modalities to know which athletes were the best.
Rent March, 30/03/2016

Where to go eat and stay if you go cycling in Majorca

Go cycling in Majorca has become a trend in the last years, so much that lately a lot of companies have decided to join the bike friendly movement and help the bikers to fulfill all their needs, so they can enjoy their holidays in Majorca without having to worry.
Rent March, 19/02/2016

What can you see when cycling in Mallorca

There’re plenty of cyclists that come every year to visit the Majorcan excellent routes to train for some competition, or just for fun. One way or another, it’s always lovable to approach the culture of the places we visit, and of course, our island couldn’t be less.
Rent March, 01/02/2016

Bike hire in Majorca to enjoy next holidays

In Majorca we’re always trying to promote cycling, considering that are many the cycling races that you can find along the year in our paradisiacal locations. 

Rent March, 30/01/2016
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