Worldwide known as one of the hardest challenges and demanding that currently exist, this test consists on swimming 3,9km on open sea, plus 180km riding a bike and finishing with a 42,2km marathon. All of it must be made in just one day (17h maximum), and with a 12h average of finishing.

The ironman origins

The competition was born in Hawaii in 1978 when John Collins decided to mix three different sport modalities to know which athletes were the best.

The ironman Alcudia, one of the best tests around the world

From there on, this test has been spreading around the world, and the Ironman Alcudia has nowadays a huge reputation and is coming close to its 5th edition that’s going to celebrate on September 26th of 2016, which is waited to get more contestants than the other years. In 2012 it had 2500 contestants, 3300 in 2013, 3800 in 2014 and 2500 in 2015. On 2015 the long distance Ironman was celebrated in Alcudia for the second time.
Until then, in Majorca only half distance Ironman were made (also known as Ironman 70.3), which is different from the long Ironman in the distance, where two rounds are made, giving an access to the Hawaii Ironman to the first 50 classifieds.

Majorca is an excellent location to do this kind of contests, most of all for its amazing weather conditions. A sunny day can be really helpful when doing the Ironman Alcudia, due to the swimming tests that require a medium temperature that guarantees the athletes best performance.
Plus, there’s also has to be considered that Alcudia has a plain land totally optimum for the cycling and marathon tests.

Why choosing Ironman Alcudia to do the test?

  • All three competitions have perfectly adapted circuits: swimming in Port d’Alcudia, cycling in Serra de Tramuntana and the marathon also in Port d’Alcudia.
  • An excellent environment with thousands of people encouraging the contestants.
  • Amazing bike friendly environment where to train or rest during the competition days.
  • The big support that receives our test from the Government or the companies from the zone.

Being aware that our limitations on the Ironman Alcudia

As a personal recommendation, we know that a lot of us want to participate in this type of events, but we also must know our own limitations. Being an professional athlete require plenty of effort, both in time and money, and the average to be prepared for the Ironman is minimum two years with a full training on the three disciplines, so if we have a long workday, it will be pretty difficult for us to participate in this contest. In the Triatlon web ( there’s an article in Spanish about how to get ready for the Ironman with really good advices on how to plan yourself and be able to participate on it without getting hurt.

And to have the best performance on the cycling test, we also recommend you to visit our bike rental section ( where you’ll find the best brands and models to come to train whenever you like.
So, what do you say? Do you dare to try the Ironman Alcudia 2016?
Rent March, 30/03/2016