Go cycling in Majorca has become a trend in the last years, so much that lately a lot of companies have decided to join the bike friendly movement and help the bikers to fulfill all their needs, so they can enjoy their holidays in Majorca without having to worry.

It’s not weird that there’d be more known bikers lately that come to the island to train in its wonderful lands. The warm weather and the peace that surrounds it’s roads, offers a 100% sensorial experience in which they can also enjoy amazing meals and have rest in the best beds.

That’s the main reason why in this post we’d like to talk to you about a few restaurants and hotels that you’d like to visit if you’re in the island. All of them are fully equipped to satisfy the biker’s needs, and we’re pretty sure you’d love them. Here’s a compilation of the best ones:

Hotels to stay at if you go cycling in Mallorca

Hostal Oriola. Only 4 minutes walk away from the beautiful Cala Molins, and 15 by bus to the Port Pollensa, enjoy sunbathing on it's white sandy beaches and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. http://hostaloriola.com

Son Brull Hotel. Located in a rural environment, this quiet and cute hotel boutique can be found in one of the prettiest places from Mallorca, Pollensa. This gorgeous agrotourism also offers a Spa and its own restaurant, the 3/65, commanded by the Chef Rafel Perelló, where, with a mix of own produced products (from our own garden) and creativity, they make some unique and exquisite meals. Check its web in here: http://sonbrull.com/

Hotel Dina Hoposa. This amazing hotel located in Pollensa Bay, was the first one in the whole hotel chain. Built over the 60’s, it’s considered one of the main references in Puerto Pollensa. Its magnificent salty pool seems to become one with the Mediterranean Sea and increases that way the holiday experience. Check its web in here:http://hoposa.es/es/hotels-destinations/puerto-pollensa/hoposa-daina/

Apartahotel Viva Blue & Spa. Located in Playas de Muro, it’s surrounded by an unbelievable environment. Just a few minutes away from the Natural Parc of s’Albufera, and right in front of the beach, this aparthotel is totally mixed with the nature, making it possible for you to enjoy the best views and having a full rest. Besides, it also has a Spa and an exterior heated pool where you’d be able to relax away from the stress. Check its web in here: http://www.hotelsviva.com/viva-blue/

Hotel Can Morangues. This nice hotel is located in Artà, one of the cutest towns all over the east of Majorca. An old manor house is the main site that hosts this luxurious place full of peace, history and tradition that has known how to keep alive the Majorcan culture through the different generations. If you’re interest on knowing a little bit more about it, visit its web in here: http://www.canmoragues.com/

And now, let’s talk about gastronomy. Let us give you some advice about a couple of restaurants in Majorca where you can get some energy after a long day cycling Majorca.

Restaurants to eat at if you want to go cycling in Mallorca

Fusion 19. Signature cuisine made by the Chef Joan Josep Genestar. A wonderful fusion of the classical Majorcan food mix with the latest vanguards trends are waiting for you in this modern restaurant located in Playa de Muro. Check its web in here: http://www.fusion19.com/

Spira. If what you want is to enjoy the best grilled meat or fish, Spira should be your main choice. Located in Pollensa, you’ll be able to enjoy equally the warm weather and the best food. Plus, the place is filled with bike routes in Pollensa. Check its web in here: http://grupoobris.com/spira-restaurante-pollensa-grill/

Cafè del Calvari. Also located in Pollensa, this coffee & bistro is located on the last steps of El Calvari, a 365 steps monument that represents an important part of the town heritage. Enjoy its story and gastronomy, and get more information about them on their web: http://grupcalvari.com/restaurante-illa-comer-en-pollensa/

Ca’l Dimoni Restaurant. Located in the rural and centric town of Algaida, this classic Majorcan restaurant will surprise you with the best Mediterranean food made from the old family recipes to make it tast as in the old times. Check its web in here: http://www.restaurantecaldimoni.com/es/

Ca’n Pescador Restaurant. This pretty restaurant is located in Puerto Pollensa and is a memory of the first house of Puerto Pollensa, now made a restaurant. From generation to generation, it’s current owners are keeping the tradition from its family, always cooking with the old recipes. Check its web in here: http://www.canpescador.es/

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This is our compilation of the best restaurants and hotels where you’ll want to go for sure if you decide to go cycling in Mallorca. In the end, you’ll see how you won’t regret and come back for sure! By the way, don’t forget that if you still haven’t hired a bike in Mallorca, in our renting section you’ll find a huge amount of option where to choose the one that better fits you. We’re waiting for you!
Rent March, 19/02/2016