There’re plenty of cyclists that come every year to visit the Majorcan excellent routes to train for some competition, or just for fun. One way or another, it’s always lovable to approach the culture of the places we visit, and of course, our island couldn’t be less.

If it’s your case, and you thought about the bike hire in Mallorca

First of all, we recommend you to visit our bike hire section and check the big amount of brands and types of bikes that we’ve for you in Rent March. In second place, this post is going to be focused on gastronomy, fairs, markets and interesting spots that you’ll find in some of the closest towns to Pollensa, that’s actually where we’re at.


To begin, what about a visit to the neighbor town? Alcudia is, with no doubt, a referent in history and beauty around the whole Majorca. If riding a bike is a pleasure itself, imagine in Alcudia with its plain lands and the huge offer to things to visit. It was one of the first Roman villages and was called Pollentia, civilization of which only remains some runes open to the public. If you’re interested in the old Mediterranean cultures, Pollentia is a perfect place to stop by. Besides, if you go on Friday, you can also visit the weekly market that you’ll find in the town center, which begins in front of the Pollentia ruins. On it, all kind of marketers and artisans gather to offer their products to the neighbors, and it’s also a meeting day for the people in town. Why don’t you stop by and taste the classic Majorcan products? You’ll find from cheeses and olives, to delicious sobrasadas. Another big monument that has to be visited is its old walls.

This wall was finished in 1362 by King Pedro IV de Aragón’s order, and was used to protect the whole north of Majorca against foreign invasions. Nowadays there are some reconstructed parts that can be visited, the same way that you’ll be able to enjoy a ride on its roof while getting to know a little bit more of the Majorcan history. At the same time, Alcudia’s town also has a big amount of beaches, like for example Puerto de Alcudia. Most of the tourists that go there are cataloged as families or people that want to rest a little bit from the daily routine. There we’ll find amazing restaurants to delight ourselves like Fusion19, where the Chef Joan Josep Genestar prepares an exquisite degustation menu for any kind of palate. If you’d like to go cycling to Alcudia, don’t hesitate, think about a bike hire in Majorca with Rent March, and discover all of the amazing treasures that Alcudia hides.

Ca’n Picafort

Another beauty from Majorca that belongs to Santa Margalida locality. Due to its extension and big amount to places to visit, this lovely Majorcan enclave offers a big variety of spots to discover to all of the cyclists that dare to go. Entering in Ca’n Picafort there is a signal indicating Son Real, and pretty sure that not a lot of people visit it because they’ve no idea of what’s that, but actually it’s one of the latest virgins spots in Majorca. This finca, open to the public, hides an amazing view of dunes, pine forests, vigilance towers and three different routes to go cycling. Its crystallized waters barely touched by the human being, are the perfect place to relax away from the urban chaos. Few people know this beaches, so probably you’ll find yourself alone swimming in there.

In conclusion, it’s a luxury for the visitors and another excuse to rethink about the bike hire in Majorca. Besides, in the same area than Son Real, there’s also an old necropolis used since the Iron Age until the Roman conquest, it has kept 109 graves. S’Albufera Park. Going to Alcudia, again, we’ll find this beauty natural enclave declared Wet Zone of International Importance and Especial Zone for the protection of birds, among others. Having 1.646,48 hectares, it hides all kind of animals and indigenous species that require more protection, and also offers us a full vision of the Majorcan wildlife. The bike access is totally allowed and the entrance is free, so you just have to check which bike adapts better to this route and rent a bike in Pollença .

Just like in Alcudia, we can also find a weekly market where you can see the people from town going to buy, and artisans and rural people selling their products to the visitors. In this case, the market takes place on Friday morning too, so you can get to visit both Alcudia and Ca’n Picafort the same day or maybe in different weeks. For now, these are some of the spots that you can visit if you think about the bike hire in Mallorca and you are willing to change the countryside routes for the island discoveries. We’ll go publishing other information about other places, so you’ll always have something to do.
Rent March, 01/02/2016