In Majorca we’re always trying to promote cycling, considering that are many the cycling races that you can find along the year in our paradisiacal locations. All the factors that surround our roads improve the roads to go cycling in Majorca, both for its quiet secondary roads, the good weather, or the good environment that can be found in any of those competitions. Our athletes never stop, and that’s why you’ll find plenty of cycling events.

Bike hire in Majorca, the best way to be prepared for the next competitions

XXVII Carrera de s’Indiot This race is made in Sa Indioteria (that’s the name’s reason), and the awards are an “indiot” (peacock) for the winners of each category. There are 7 different categories: promotion and masters 21km (40, 50 and 60 years old), promises 300 meters, starters 3km, juveniles 6 km, childish 9km, cadet 21km and open-juniors 60km. This race was celebrated the last December 21st in Sa Indioteria at 9.30 in the morning, promoted by Club Ciclista Sa Indioteria.

VIVA Cycling Sportive

This race is a non competitive test, created basically to enjoy the best views of the north of Majorca. It’s going to be the next April 3d at 9.30 in the morning, and the location is going to be Port d’Alcudia with a 103 km distance. Plus, it’s also going to have a special stage against the clock for those who want to keep their timing tracked, ending with a Hotel VIVA tropic party.

Majorca 312

This race has two versions, the Mallorca 312 (312km), and the Mallorca 167 (167km). The location is going to be Playa de Muro on the next April 30th at 7 a.m. and has a 14 and 9 hours total to be performed, respectively. The best side of this race is that you can be inscribed in both races, since you can decide whether to keep cycling on the 312 until the moment you arrive to the km 90,5.

VI Duatló carretera Vila d’Artà

This duathlon combines marathon and cycling this way: 5,6km marathon – 20,2km cycling – 2,9km marathon. The inscriptions are already open and it’s going to be celebrated next January 24th at 9.30 a.m in Artà. Besides, it has different categories such as cadet, junior, sub-23, absolute or veterans, among others.

Power Man

This test is maybe the most known duathlon around the world, and for the first year we’re going to have it in Spain promoted by Ferrer Hotels. The date is February 27th and there are 3 categories: o Powerman classic. 10km matahon – 60km cycling – 10km marathon. o Powerman sprint. 5km marathon – 30km cycling – 5km marathon. o Powerkids.

First world company Sport Games

For the first time it’s going to be performed in Majorca these games and tests in which the athletes are going to have the chance to participate in different modalities or just one if they want to. The event is going to be from the 1st to the 4th of June in Calvia, and the main intention is to become a referent in the sports sector of Majorca. Now that you know some of the next roads that are going to take place in Majorca on this bran new year 2016, we’re pretty sure you’re going to join some. And remember, count on us to do a bike hire in Majorca!
Rent March, 30/01/2016