If you want to spend your day doing something a little different and full of adrenaline through the cities and impressive roads of our locality, Rent March, your bicicle rental company in Pollensa, would like to show you the best guide for practicing cyclo-tourism in Mallorca. In order to enjoy an unforgettable day of peddling around the island you have to bear in mind all the possible security aspects so that you can avoid running unnecessary risks and be aware on the roads.

Bike helmets: The King of the essentials

Something very strange about bike helmets is that it’s not mandatory to wear one when travelling around the city (with the exception of under 16’s), however we strongly recommend wearing one due to its security reasons. The use of a bike helmet in the city protects your head from impacts that, even at low speeds, can be very severe. When we head out on to the unique roads in the area of Pollensa, such as the curved tarmac of Formentor, a helmet is essential and obligatory. It helps us to cover an important and vulnerable part of the body, the head. At Rent March, your bicycle rental company in Pollensa, we rent out helmets from only 0.50 € per day. For less than a euro per day, your integrity will remain covered with a crucial shell.

Bicycles in Mallorca are an extra vehicle

Although they don’t have a hard body and four wheels, bicycles are an added vehicle on the roads. From the moment that a bicycle enters on to a road, the cyclist becomes a driver and must respect traffic signs as if it were another added car. It’s fundamental in order to flow amongst other vehicles and circulate within the traffic. A traffic light, a give way or a stop sign are all as equally important for a lorry as they are for a bicycle.

Road safety: always signal your movements

Now that you know that a bicycle in Mallorca, or on any public road, is in fact a vehicle, emphasis needs to be placed on signalling. Every vehicle has signalling tools in order to indicate to other drivers the movements that they are about to make. For cyclists, signalling is carried out by the body. The indicators, as many

of you already know, if you tend to use your bicycle, in this case, are the arms. Always extend your arm with enough warning, in a visible and secure fashion in the direction in which you will be carrying out the turn and continue to circulate safely.

Not a single drop of alcohol when riding

The legal alcohol limit permitted for cyclists is the same for drivers and motorists: 0.5 per litre in the blood or 0.25 milligrams per litre in breath. Cyclists should undergo alcohol and drug tests when they are asked to by the local authorities, so our recommendation, just like motorised vehicles, is that you don’t drink even a single drop of alcohol if you are planning to ride your bicycle. You will be more likely to react and be less vulnerable. 

Your bicycle, will be in good condition with Rent March

Sticking to all of the tips which we have mentioned will be useless if your bike is in bad condition. That is why, you need to be sure that, if you don’t have your own bike, that you rent your vehicle from a trustworthy company. At Rent March we guarantee that your bike be safe and in great condition. We have more than 25 years’ experience in the bicycle and motorbike rental sector in Mallorca. We have a vast understanding and experience of the north of Mallorca, and we always make sure to care for our cycling tourists and professionals that come to this area of the island. Also, don’t forget: we have the most competitive prices on the island of Mallorca, if don’t believe us, try it for yourself.

Rent March, 25/05/2018
At Rent March, your bicycle rental company in Pollensa, we can give you a series of tips to have in mind in order to avoid running unnecessary risks with your bicycle and to be conscious of the road.